Best curated free fonts and typography resources

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  • Font Famous

    Free vector media logos that you can embed on your site directly.

  • US Blaak

    US Blaak is a sharp-serif font created by Unidaas, suitable for headline and title use. Bold font is free to download.

  • Public Sans

    Public Sans is the new typeface created by US Government, edited from Libre Franklin.

  • Bungee

    Bungee first caught my attention with unique horizontal scrolling design and vertical typography. But it is more than a font optimized for vertical signs, the stylistic alternates open up so much more styles. Have I not mention the font is free on Google Fonts as well?

  • Web Typography 101

    Andréa Crofts wrote a starter guide for Web Typography. All beginners should check it out.

  • Fontpair

    Font Pair does an excellent job in previewing font pairing options that are available on Google Fonts.

  • Butterick's Practical Typography

    A free typography handbook wrote by Los Angeles based lawyer Matthew Butterick. It offers practical takeaways and popular paid font alternative recommendation for beginners.

  • Typekit Practice

    Collection of resources to practice typography, created by the Adobe Typekit team.

  • Google Fonts

    Google Fonts is a no-brainer in modern digital design. 800+ font families are available to use for free. You can also use these fonts on your website. There are also so much more language fonts available via early access program.

  • Kerntype

    Kerntype is a fun game to learn how to distribute the space between letters, which is called "Kerning".

  • Typewolf

    Typewolf is an indie typography resources blog curated by Jeremiah Shoaf. It recommends fonts and explores trending typography site on daily basis.

  • Dafont

    One of the legacy websites offers a large database of free fonts for personal and commercial purpose. Offline usage only as the site does not host the font file for websites.