Design System

Step by step guide in creating a design system, a unified visual language across products within the brand. Accessible to designers, developers as well as marketers.

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  • Design Systems by Figma

    A publication curated by Figma Team regarding building a design systems. Include tutorials, templates, case studies and more.

  • Refactoring UI

    Refactoring UI started as design tidbits to work smoothly with developer. It stresses on visual hierarchy and systematic approach to UI design from a developer point of view. Brand new ebook and resources are available for $149.

  • Relay For Figma

    Relay for Figma is currently still in beta, aiming to streamline the asset delivery from design to production. $5 per month for each Figma file

  • Releasing Design System

    Series of writing uncovering the process of of shipping an effective, collaborative design system, with examples from Atlassian, Financial Times, Shopify and more. Written by Nathan Curtis from Eightshapes

  • Zero Height

    With Sketch Plugin, Invision and Story integration, Zero Height allow you to create design system manual and resources in a WYSIWYG environment. Recently added support for Figma Library. Free for 1 user, $12 for Team

  • Visual System

    Visual System is a perfect starter template to kickstart your brand's design system. With support of Sketch and Figma components, everything is customisable from color, font, spacing and elements. $48